Friday, April 17, 2009

What is to become of the Mills n Boon heroine?

Remember when she was some irritating lil chit back in the day who loved to hate the devastatingly good looking hero until he finally "undid" her with his kiss and they lived happily ever after? As in there was no sex in that book and they didnt even touch or anything...

Then in line with the times a couple of sex scenes were thrown into the books and the lil chit became independent and more daring...All very entertaining.

Then I got this mills and boon that I was reading last night and I was positively scandalised. The title has to do with something about becoming a Sicilian billionaires mistress...It started of ok with her being a cleaner in his office and he was tired of women throwing themselves at him so would he go to a dinner with him and be some sort of decoy...So that went well then he wanted to shag and she wanted to be fed before shagging so he took her to dinner. In bed he propositions her "will u b my mistress?". She didnt really front she says ok. Mind you this is the 1st ten pages of the book. the next 100 go on and on about their sex life and how he offers to buy her clothes...she resists VERY weakly (wat kinda MB heroine does that?) next he is offering her money she accepts with lil protest coz he gran fel n hurt her wrist so she needs a helper...then she wakes up one day decides she cant b a mistress anymore...he offers her more money she refuses, he is shocked til he realises he loves her and wants to marry her (this is in the last 2 pages) and they live happily ever after...That was positively pornographic...


  1. i dont think i remember a time where there was no sex!

  2. neither do I unless it was those christian mills and boons

  3. Oh I know what you mean there was sex before in those things but those books have turned into really graphic sex scenes..

  4. Hsha, bra if you want the ones where all the lovers share is a chaste kiss, you need to get the 1970 items.

    With this world fasting becoming a global Sodom & Gomorrah, M&B is moving with the times...the hot, scandalas, erotic times.

    That said, i love a happy ending, no matter how long it takes the heroine and her commitment-phobe playboy to get there :-)

  5. Ha ha ha Vimbai i bet that book kept you burning the midnight candle, salivating and all with your rampant rabbit in hand lol jus kidding
    but I hate sexually explicit novels I always skimm read when I get to those parts, I love novels with romance but not the in your face blow by blow account