Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I dont understand where im "lacking reason"

The scenario...you have a "friend" who does something that is life affirming so to say and doesnt tell u about it. When I say life affirming i mean LIFE AFFRIMING. So they tell me a few days later and I nearly faint with the shock of it. Anyway I thought about the whole thing and came to a conclusion clearly the person is not my friend... According to the masses I am over-reacting but I dont think so. Is this the way its supposed to work? I tell u everything expose myself to you and discover teh feeling is not mutual. I would like to think I am right in assuming the friendship was questionable to begin with am i not?


  1. hey chic. look on the bright side. the friend told u abt it himself didnt he? so he respected u enuf to tell u instead of letting u hear from sumone else. maybe he had his reasons for rushing into this life affirming thing........maybe he knew u wudnt approve of his decision. sometimes we do things and not tell our frends not becoz they dont mean much to us but becoz its a decision we want to make without outside influence....think abt it.

  2. Do it to me and thts the end of this wonderful relationship...sorry if im being unreasonable that one just doesnt work for me...

  3. You know that saying about don't make a person a priority in their life if you're only an option in theirs...clearly this friend needs to be demoted!