Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Procreation, rumour has it and other things...

So I dont think I will be having children...The maths of it just will not add up! Im about 26, this means if everything goes well i will be having my first child at 30 which means when that child is 20 I will be 50. So at 50 I should be workin my a** of to put my first child through varsity and goodness knows how many else after that through various stages of education???I dont think that works...I will just ahve to not have children one is supposed to be retired at 50 surely...

Anyway I was jsut wondering how funny it is how much people have to say about one. Actually speaking like u r the best of buddies and yet its someone really random like yo ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend or something informing the world about you. People need to get lives...

So the New Zealand cricketers wont be visiting Zim til 2010 coz its "unsafe" what is that supposed to mean? Whats so unsafe about Zim? lets compare with South Africa you are not at risk of getting mugged, knifed, mauled nd all those awful things we hear about on the news ao?????


  1. I've always wondered about that...what do they expect Bob to take the New Zealand Cricket team as prisoners?

  2. Alot of people are having them at 40

  3. But i wnat to retire at 50! Maybe I can adopt a 20yr old at 40? Eeeeek! Im goin to get knocked up right now!