Monday, March 9, 2009

Do men like this still exist? Seriously!

I come to work on Mopnday morning and a collegue of mine is pretty upset. So i say whats the matter? And the whole story comes rushing out. The poor girl is 5months pregnant...1st pregnancy. Anywa she says to the dude i need a gynea and I need to sort out where Ima be havin the baby...So the gynea costs about USD350. He says well i dont have any money...She says so what do u want me to do and he says God will take care of u. So she says ya but we have to put in some effort. Besides he took out a loan at work to go to SA. Not to mention she bought all teh baby stuff with her own money. Then he says that was coz u wanted a stove...u shud have saved the money for the gynea. So she says this is my 1st pregnancy Im pretty far along what if something happens? He says then go to a provincial hospital e.g Harare hospital and she says hell no! Then he says u always want flamboyant things thats your problem. And the man has the nerve to say "why were u opening your legs in the 1st place". Bearing in mind he was the one who kept complaining as to why she wasnt pregnant yet and that he wanted a baby...they have been married since last year August. Im so MAD! They guy didnt even take her for her 1st scan...He was "working". Never mind the fact that she was having back-pains and didnt know what it was all about he was just too busy...

So to top of the story which happened this morning she says I have to go to work and he is refusing to let her out the dor. So she pushes him and rips his shirt ion the process and walks out. Dude sends a message saying, I want you to replace my shirt. WTF???????????????

Africans are a problem...


  1. The guy has to accept responsibility of what is his and he helped make that baby.

  2. "You want flamboyant things thats your problem"

    *crickets*....blank he serious? How is proper health care for a pregnant woman flamboyant..see this is the ish that has me thinking marriage is not something that I need to be rushing into.

  3. africans are not the problem
    people are ultimately responsible for thier own decisions
    she probably saw the signs that he was a stupid ass 'muffo' way before they got married
    and chose to ignore the signs
    a man doesnt just wake up insensitive
    he was probably insensitive from the get go
    like my mama always says
    pick your men wisely

  4. I agree with MDM that Africans aren't the problem...this man has always been like this and he has the problem!!

  5. Ok the scenario with this one is that tehy used to sit and do bible study together and that kinda sweet stuff my mother only dreams of for me...So when tehy got married she was a virgin and all insisted...Only after the wedding did he start his business of I am the man of the house whta I say goes. She says if she knew he was goin to be like this she would never have gotten hitched to him...Clearly he does have e problem but he hid it from her...this is why im a co-habitation advocate...Its true whta they say "you dont know a person til u sh*t in e smae toilet"...oh e african men thing ws a joke...clearly not well received i know lotsa lovely african men...