Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My most complex relationship

Vee and shoes. Present and those to come. We have an extremely complex relationship. I am happy to say as I'm journeying through this quest to understand wat on earth is going on in life, I have established an intricate connection between my shoes and my well-being! Have you ever noticed how if you shoes are in disarray, need re-healing or the white parts of patterned shoes are dirty your life is out of control?

The whole process of cleaning, tidying re-healing and whatever else takes hours and is cost (esp in this country!) but well worth it for a calm and composed life...


  1. Shoes are my weakness, seriously im addicted. I have promised myself i will not buy anymore shoes until i have won every single pair in my house, i say house coz they have over flowed from the closets to the cupboards to the shoe racks now they are everywhere

  2. What female does not love shoes? Even butch lesbians love shoes! When your heels start having holes in the sole or the heel rubber point of your heel longer exists...that ish hurts like a mother seeing her child get sick...lol...seriously I love me my shoes!

  3. OMG i so feel u...seeing shoes being abused is tantamount to child abuse! (NO offence any1!)